Games-Workshop has put out a new skirmish game for Age of Sigmar. It’s called Warcry and pits small war-bands against each other. They created new Warcry factions and models along with its own set of skirmish rules. We bought a starter set for the store to allow customers to try before they buy. In the video below we go over whats included in the box and what is all looks like assembled. The terrain was especially cool and incredibly customizable.

The rules are somewhat simple with the movement action being the most complicated part. I do like the hero phase which determines initiative and gives options for faction and unit abilities. Each game starts with drawing battle plan cards. they are deployment, terrain setup, victory condition and twist cards. Each type has a whole deck of cards to randomize. This makes it so each game is always different. One downside is the Age of Sigmar factions cards. Warcry currently has cards for Stormcast Eternals, Idoneth Deepkin, Daughters of Khaine, Nighthaunt, Legions of Nagash, Death Eater Courts, Gloomspite Gitz, Iron Jaws, and Bonesplitterz. I opened a Stormcast Eternal’s pack and was somewhat disappointed. Of all the possible units, there were only five and three leader options. Those are both types of Vanguard Raptors, the Vanguard Hunters, Gryph Hounds, and Aether Wings. I am not sure what you get with the others but be warned it will probably be limited. Let us know what you guys think. If you are interested in getting Warcry or anything else you can visit our store.

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