When playing tabletop miniatures games, painted and based miniatures are only half of the gaming experience. Having two beautifully painted armies fighting on a gaming table full of painted thematic terrain takes the experience a whole new level. There are many materials used to make fantastic terrain, but one of my favorites is MDF wood terrain. More and more companies are creating laser cut MDF print outs of terrain. This type of terrain is easy to assemble and paint. It is also light weight and much less messy than insulation foam. It is also much more stable and sturdy. We have several tables full of themed terrain. Below is a video of the latest table of terrain.

We purchased this terrain from Etsy. The designer was ShortFuse Designs and they have a whole star wars legion terrain starter bundle. This set is based off the planet of Tatooine and we use it for our Star Wars Legion games. We assembled them quickly and simply as there is no customization. Once the terrain was glued, we sprayed it lightly with wall spackle that comes in a can. It sprays like foam but dries hard and gives the look of weathering. We then painted the terrain with spray cans, using multiple layers of paint each lighter than the next. They ranged from a brown red up to a light tan. The effect was fantastic and the painting can be done in an afternoon. Between the assembly and painting, it should take no more than a couple of days. Let us know what you think about how it turned out.

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