We are a miniatures assembly and painting service. Our specialty is high model tabletop standard armies. Prior to starting your project, we will need a deposit. We will be sending pictures throughout the painting process. We will do a video conference to show you the finished project and upon your approval, final payment is due.  When the final payment clears we send your models.

Here is the minimum information we need to get your project started.

  • Name – First and Last Name
  • Phone – If we have some quick questions can we call you (the US only) (optional)
  • Readiness – Are you ready to set up your project right now? If not, when? Can you tell us your budget and let us do the most we can within that?
  • Models – What models do you want to be painted? Are you providing them? Would you like TRM to get them for you? You can have them sent from a retailer directly to the studio.
  • Assembly – Are we assembling your models or are they coming ready to paint? Do you want magnetization options?
  • Painting –  Do you have a color scheme? Do you have pictures to help determine what colors to use?
  • Reference – How did you hear about Tabletop Ready Miniatures?

Do you have painting levels?

No. As our name suggests, our purpose is to help you get your miniatures tabletop ready at a reasonable price. We do add more love depending on the type of model. All infantry including bike or cavalry units gets painted to our tabletop standard. We give vehicles a little more love and make your heroes stand out when next to infantry models.

Painting models this way allows us to more quickly and efficiently finish your project and at a lower price to you. If you are looking for high-level painting, we are happy to refer you to some amazing high-level painters.

Terms of Service

When you start a project you agree to the terms in our Terms of Service

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