How Much Does it Cost?

Our goal to help our customers get their miniatures tabletop ready. Our pricing structure is made as simple as possible. Below is a chart for prices and breaks miniatures down by size. This allows you do the math yourself or you can ask for a quote, especially if you have questions.

Prices for work are as follows:


Miniatures Example Price
Small Infantry Gretchin/Skink 5
Infantry Tactical Marine/Eldar Guardian 6
Veteran/Jump Infantry Sternguard/Lychguard 12
Large Infantry Terminators/Wraithguard 17
Monstrous Infanty Ogryn/Centurion/Rat Ogre 28
Monster/Walker Dreadnoght/Carnifex 65
Large Monster/Walker Riptide/Tervigon 100
Super Heavy Monster/Walker Imperial Knight/Stompa/Wraithknight 180
Bikes/Cavalry Marine Bike/Tomb Blade 25
Large Bikes/Cavalry Thunderwolf/Bloodcrusher 31
Skimmers/Tanks/Flyers Landspeeder/Annihilation Barge/Stormtalon 70
Large Skimmers/Tanks/Flyers Battlewagon/Waveserpent/Stormraven 100
Super Heavy Tanks/Flyers Monolith/Baneblade/Thunderhawk 180
Monstrous Infantry HQ Lysander/Chaos Lord 35
Monster/Walker HQ Ghazghkull/Tyranid Prime 58
Bikes/Cavalry HQ Hive Tyrant/Megaboss on Mawcrusher 90
Bikes/Cavalry HQ Farseer on Jetbike, Sammael 60
Primarchs Horus/Fulgrim 175

*  We offer magnetization for an additional fee. 

We offer 25% off miniatures purchased by Tabletop Ready Miniatures.

Scheduling a Project

Projects usually take 2-6 weeks to complete depending on the size of the project.

To schedule a project, we need the following things:

  1. The Models (or a list of models to be acquired).
  2. Deposit of between 25-50% of the project total.
    1. Pay by phone with major Credit Card 435-592-5176
    2. Pay via Paypal to
    3. Respond to this email asking for a Paypal money request.
  3. The Instructions sheet filled out and returned. These are your specifications and this is sent once your deposit is in.

Terms of Service

When you start a project you agree to the terms in our Terms of Service.

Minimum Run Size

There is no minimum order size. If you need one model assembled and painted for a tournament in a few weeks, we can help. If you want a brand new fully fledged army, we have you covered.

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