Welcome to Tabletop Ready Miniatures. This document is to help guide a new client to understand what is expected from both parties. By using our service you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

We ask for a deposit before starting a project. This is a binder and commits you to the completion of the project. You are making a commitment to see the project through and not cancel it for any reason.

There are no cash refunds except at the discretion of TRM. We are willing to re-work a project or possibly give store credit.

All sales are final to out-of-country clients. Take a good look at the pics (we are happy to take more or make alterations). Once a project reaches customs there are no returns! We can’t be responsible after that. That doesn’t mean we won’t work with you, it just means we’re not technically required to.

This is our Terms of Service.

Contact Inquiries



Mailing address

Tabletop Ready Miniatures
943 West 660 South
Tooele, UT


Prompt communication is very important. You are welcome to initiate contact– please do not feel like you are being a bother– you are the client we are always glad to hear from you. We’re like the front desk of a five-star hotel– our sole purpose is to please you.


Project Complete

When a project is done, we will take pictures and if possible have a video conference. An army generally will get 20-50 pics taken. Before your models are sent you will get an email with pictures of your models. You will reply to the email with a request for alteration or an approval. We are willing to make alterations or touch up minor errors.

In your final Paypal payment, please send instructions regarding shipping. Anything not in the Notes of the final Paypal payment might be overlooked.

If models are not paid for within thirty days of completion they are forfeit. If you think you might go over that time please contact us to make arrangements.


We accept payments through Paypal, or Credit Card over the phone (Discover, Visa or Mastercard). You can pay with a credit card through Paypal at Setting this up is as easy as any credit card checkout on a typical website.

Paypal should be sent to


The whole cost must be settled before models are shipped. This includes shipping costs (see below under “Shipping”).

Abandoned Models: If you do not pay for your models within 30 days of completion, and have not made arrangements for payment, you will forfeit 75% of your interest in the models (ie what you have paid). The remainder will be given as a credit to use with us via the web store, or on a new project if you claim it.

Liability Insurance

Tabletop Ready Miniatures has business insurance that covers the value of your models while they are in our care. Once we hand the models over to DHL or USPS it’s out of our jurisdiction.

Tabletop Ready Miniatures is not liable for what happens with the models after you get them. You assume all risk of owning and handling the models. You agree to hold Blue Table Painting Harmless. By using our service you are agreeing to this.

We offer no guarantee, express or implied. Any remedy is at our discretion.

We are more than willing to address any problems and seek an amicable solution. We really just want to avoid any un-reasonable-ness.


Clients inside the continental US pay flat fee of $15.00 and Canada pays a flat shipping charge of $25.00.

Clients outside the continental US pay a $25 shipping charge. For some countries, it is more (eg Australia).

Clients are responsible for all insurance purchases and claims made.

Basing Guide

Alternate edging color is available for any style on request.



We cannot accept liability for goods damaged in transit. You are purchasing services from two different entities: Tabletop Ready Miniatures for your materials and service; DHL or USPS to get your package to you in reasonable condition. If your package is abused en route that’s an issue to take up with the USPS.

However, if you send a model back we will repair, touchup and re-ship it at no charge. This service is discretionary, we will do it most of the time but it’s not guaranteed. It doesn’t matter how the model is broken. If you drop your model, we’ll take care of it.


Extra parts from kits that we buy on behalf of a client are not returned. Only magnetized models are sent with all extra parts that are magnetized.


You can expect your project to get done in Three to Six weeks from the time we receive your models. Delays are typically caused by the availability of raw materials. We do not guarantee delivery by a certain date, only that we will make a good effort.

Matching Existing Work

Can we match or duplicate work done by other painters? We can match color schemes, however, we do not guarantee that it will turn out exactly the same. If you are worried about matching as closely as possible, you should send a sample model– even if it’s one that we painted!

Sending in Your Army

If you are sending models to Tabletop Ready Miniatures, please address them to:


Tabletop Ready Miniatures
943 West 660 South
Tooele, UT

Pack your models well. However, if any are broke we will gladly repair them for a nominal charge. We repair up to five breaks at no charge and without giving you any complaint– we ask for the same consideration on your end.

Please put small parts into larger envelopes/containers/baggies so that they are not lost.

When the models arrive, they are put on a receiving table. We open and inventory the contents then send an email to confirm. Sometimes this happens the day after the models arrive. Your models are put into sealed bins with compartmentalized foam trays.

Please send an invoice detailing what is supposed to be in your package. You don’t have to do this, but it helps.


Disclaimers and Warnings

We sometimes use magnets in our products. These are purchased from another company and here follows their WARNING. These are very powerful and could be dangerous if not handled with proper care. Do not bring within 12 inches of any magnetic based storage devices such as desktop or laptop computers, hard drives, floppy disks, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, or credit cards. Keep away from computer monitors, VCRs, and TVs. If you or someone in your household has a pacemaker please ask your doctor about possible risks before purchasing. Do not let these magnets snap together with their full force or they will break and quite possibly send small pieces of metal flying in all directions. Do not attempt to machine or drill these magnets– high temperatures during these processes could cause the magnets to ignite releasing toxic fumes. Do not heat the magnets to above 175F (80C) as this will cause them to lose all of their magnetic properties. It is advisable to wear protective gloves and goggles when handling these magnets. Large magnets can pinch very hard. Do not allow magnets to come together fast or between your skin as they can draw blood, or possibly even break bones. Do not swallow the magnets or attached parts. Keep away from children and pets.

Onerous Shipping: we reserve the right to cancel an order (with a refund of course) if the shipping to a foreign country turns out to be an onerous or unusually high amount.

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